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SO… you've moved into your new apartment and you're thinking, NOW WHAT?! Your bare beige walls are begging to have a touch a flare. Cabinets are not yet home to any Tupperware. Empty closets wait for you to neatly hang your dresses and a kitchen sits waiting for future dinner messes. 
Now that I've had some fun with my wannabe Shakespeare babble let's talk

Curtains: A quick and easy way to add that extra something to your space is by showing some love to the windows to your world! No matter the style of your room these puppies are sure to give you that "lived-in" feel in no time! Before hanging your curtains be sure to decide what length you want. To achieve the appearance of larger windows hang your curtain rod higher and wider (2-6 inches based on personal preference) from your actual window frame. NOTE: It is important to compare the various curtain lengths before hanging the rod to ensure that the bottom of your curtains are just lightly brushing your flooring. Remember, you don't want droopy drapes!no

Area Rugs: Speaking of your floors don't forget to give some special TLC to this area with some nice area rugs! Before shopping for a rug you'll want to consider the specific room you are looking to place a rug in as well as its dimensions. A basic rule of thumb is that your living room area rug should sit nicely underneath your entire sitting area with no exposed corners. WITH THAT BEING SAID, it is also important to consider the layout of the the room and placement of your furniture. Smaller rugs are OK when sharing splitting a common area into living/dining or when you are working with a more uniquely shaped floor plan. 

Furniture: Now, this is a BIG one and I'm going to let you in on a little secret….are you ready? It is OKAY to have mix-matched furniture. Yes, you read that right, but let's all take a moment to re-read that sentence and digest it. 
Are we ready? Great!smiley We've all had that furniture that grandma got from her neighbors yard sale that has been with us from day 1 of apartment 1. Mix-matched furniture does not have to be so scary, with companies like Surefit you can get great, modern covers in a variety of colors. Got a patterned piece, maybe a color that pops, try finding a complimentary or similar solid to match and throw a cover on! Folks, never forget you can always paint! If you're not in love with a finish of a coffee table or the handles of a side table these are easy and affordable changes you can make by visiting your local hardware store. Don't be afraid to Google some YouTube DIY tutorials, videos are our friends!

Now that you've got the three basics to get you started it's time to grab a notepad and plan out your vision! Home stores can be exciting BUT they can be dangerous. The old saying "never go grocery shopping hungry" applies here too. Never go home decor shopping without a plan! Trust me it's not good for your home or your wallet. You'll come home with a ten foot giraffe statue/toilet paper holder wondering why did you buy it, did you need it? Of course not, but it was 20% off and smelled like roses so you did! Grab a notepad and make a plan, and whatever you do don't buy the giraffe!

Some of favorite affordable home shopping stores are Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, AtHome, Tuesday Morning, Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon. Check them out online or in store and see what goodies you can find!

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