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if you’re growing a big crop of fresh herbs this year, chances are you won’t end up finishing them before they’re gone. so i came up with a way to use them up that also makes you look like a real sweetie.

my stepdad grows a huge assortment of herbs every year, so we foraged them to make cute little DIY fresh herb bouquets! these are the perfect free hostess gifts (because she’ll actually use them) or a perfect free favor for your dinner guests. free!

diy fresh herb bouquets  | almost makes perfect


  • fresh herbs
  • (i used purple sage, purple and green basil,
  • thai basil, chives, thyme, orange thyme,
  • african blue basil and french tarragon)
  • palo santo sticks
  • string
  • (you could also use jute twine
  • for a more natural look)

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