10 Ways to Decorate Your Xmas Tree for Under $10

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Xmas Tree for Under $10

Christmas comes but once a year—and it's almost here! Now is the time to dust off last year's holiday decorations and begin gathering new supplies to make this year's tree your most beautiful yet. Bring tinsel, lights, garlands, and unique ornaments together …

By BobVila.com

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  1. Tree Dazzler

    Tree Dazzler

    Decorating the Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition, but untangling and hanging string lights can be a hassle. The Tree Dazzler simplifies the process. Just place its handy light ring on top of the tree and then arrange the vertical string of lights from it. Voila! Available at Target; $9.98. 


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    Photo: target.com

  2. Holiday Treats

    Candy Cane Ornaments

    Stock up on seasonal decor and sugary snacks by purchasing a Christmas classic: the candy cane. The simple red and white candy blends with nearly any decorating scheme, including traditional red and green plaids; Scandinavian combinations of red, whites, and bleached woods; and technicolor palettes on white fake trees. Find them cheap at your dollar store or get them delivered to your front door if your holiday to-do list is too overwhelming. Available at Amazon; $9.99 for 12.


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    Photo: flickr.com via J B

  3. Christmas Cheer in Any Color

    Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

    Nothing exemplifies the magical look of Christmas quite like shimmering orbs of simple, monochromatic tree ornaments. These shatterproof models, available in 16 colors, are as beautiful as they are durable, and represent a variety of finishes—from matte to super-shiny—to add interest to your tree. Available on Amazon; $8.70 for 24-count pack.


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    Photo: amazon.com

  4. ScentSicles

    Christmas Tree Smell

    ScentSicles are the solution for anyone with a fake Christmas tree who desires a fresh evergreen fragrance. Hang the discrete ornaments around the tree, and soon your house will fill with the classic holiday aroma. Available at Home Depot; $7.68.


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    Photo: homedepot.com

  5. Rustic Engravings

    Personalized Wood Ornament

    Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with these engraved wooden ornaments by RusticCharm11 on Etsy. The shop owner laser cuts names and details on a piece of meranti hardwood, which is then strung with 30 cm of red gingham ribbon. Not only will the hanging decorations customize any tree, they also make the perfect gifts for friends and family! Available on Etsy; $6.85.


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    Photo: etsy.com

  6. Savory Baubles

    Food Ornaments

    Calling all foodies! If your favorite part of Christmas is the cookies and ham, then pick up these quirky food-shaped ornaments from Target. The package includes three deliciously fun pieces: pizza, a hamburger, and a hot dog. Holiday guests will adore the savory surprises adorning your tree — but be warned that they may spark cravings for classic comfort cuisine. Available at Target; $10.


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    Photo: target.com


  7. Quirky Garland

    Ball Garland

    Not a fan of tinsel? Trim your tree with this eccentric ball garland instead! The 72-inch string contains three alternating styles of balls: red with black checks, velvety green, and shimmery white. The unexpected shapes and textures will add visual interest to your existing decor. Available at Target; $10.


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    Photo: target.com

  8. Frosted Tips

    Glass Icicle Christmas Decorations

    Dreaming of a White Christmas with no snow in sight? This set of two dozen icicles ranging in size from three-and-a-half to five-and-a-half inches can add a wintry feel to your indoor tree. Suspend all 24 of them from branches, and the sparkling glass will pick up the colors of whatever other baubles, ribbons, and tinsel you've strung up alongside them. Available at Amazon; $5.39 for 24 pieces.


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    Photo: amazon.com

  9. In a Pickle

    Pickle Christmas Ornament

    What does a pickled cucumber have to do with Christmas? It's unclear how it started, but the glass pickle ornament is a tradition in many American households. Families will hide a good-luck pickle somewhere on the tree and whoever finds the hidden ornament is said to receive good fortune in the following year—or (sometimes) a little prize. Available from Cost Plus World Market; $6 for set of two. 


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    Photo: worldmarket.com

  10. Miracle-Gro for Christmas Tree

    Miracle-Gro for Christmas Tree

    Your go-to garden product just got a holiday makeover. With the assistance of Miracle-Gro for Christmas Trees, you can hydrate the tree and reduce the amount of fallen needles. To use, simply pour a capful into every quart of water you add to the base. Maintaining a healthy tree has never been easier! Available at Lowe's; $3.97.


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    Photo: lowes.com

  12. Deck the Halls

    Deck the Halls

    Don’t bust your holiday budget by going overboard with costly decorations. Rather than paying for a pricey, traditional wreath give a try at creating an original design. And hold yourself back from picking up another Christmas tchotchke when you can DIY a wide range of festive trimmings.

    Photo: istockphoto.com

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