Tips to eating more fruits and veggies!!

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Did you know that half of your plate is supposed to contain veggies and fruits? How often does that happen? 

I can bet it's not everyday! What can you do to make it happen? Here's 10 things that can help! 

1. Roast a big pan of a variety of veggies at the start of the week and reheat them for every meal. If you're not into leftovers then toss some on a pan with some olive before you start cooking dinner and they'll be nice and roasted when you're done!

2. Buy the easily steam-able frozen veggie packs. Frozen veggies can be even better than fresh because they are usually frozen when they are fully ripened instead of being picked early for shipping! 

3. Get a @towergarden and grow your own veggies. It has been proven that when you grow you're own you are more likely to eat it (especially children)!

4. Toss in a handful of greens in your smoothies. Buy a huge bag at the store and freeze it or buy pre frozen spinach. 

5. Always have fresh fruit out on the counter or at eye level in the refrigerator. When I have fruit baskets out it's always my go to. 

6. Bring fruit for snacks when you're out instead of packaged products. Apples, bananas, and pears all travel well!

7. Sweeten your foods with fruit like apples in oatmeal, berries in plain yogurt, dried fruit in plain cereal, and dates in smoothies. 

8. Find a legitimate supplement that comes from real fruits and veggies. 

9. Experiment with dishes based off of fruits and vegetables like zucchini lasagna, spaghetti squash spaghetti, or applesauce pancakes. 

10. Stay away from most processed "veggie/fruit based" food because they usually only contain flavoring not actual veggies and fruits. Veggie chips do not have a significant amount of veggies, fruit juices are usually artificially flavored and contain an insignificant amount of fruit juice, and fruit gummies typically dont contain any actual fruit. Check the labels and just go buy fresh! 


Keep on trying every week! Itll get easier to make veggies and fruits a priority and you'll be feeling great!


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